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CMJ: What Sets Us Apart

Talent. Vision. Teamwork. Results. These are the qualities that have earned Cooley Manion Jones its reputation as an elite litigation firm serving businesses and individuals both locally and nationally for over twenty five years.

CMJ Talent

At CMJ, we believe that the key to successful results in any situation and against any number of opponents is the talent, quality and experience of the legal representation available to the client. Nowhere else are the advantages of this experience and proprietary knowledge more important than when clients are faced with a complex or costly litigation matter. Our attorneys move forward with confidence to diffuse risk, leverage opportunities and achieve value driven results. Our clients can trust us to use every available resource to achieve outstanding results for them before, during and after trial.

CMJ Vision

Litigation can take on a life of its own. Motions are filed, maneuvering begins and tactics are employed. Successful outcomes often depend on a lawyer's ability to foresee and prepare for any possibility, while simultaneously devising strategies designed to achieve optimal results. At CMJ, our attorneys have the capacity and resources necessary to manage any litigation issue through to completion. Our clients trust us to help them navigate the complexities of trial and to produce results that are in alignment with their goals.

CMJ Teamwork

Teamwork is a fundamental element in our approach to litigation at CMJ. The development of each team is the result of deliberate and careful consideration. Each team possesses the depth and breadth of experience necessary to achieve optimal outcomes across a wide range of legal matters. The collective and readily retrievable knowledge available at CMJ ensures that each team can respond quickly and correctly to even the most complex or complicated situations. Each client is represented by a team of seasoned professionals committed to leveraging their collective talents, creativity and experience to achieve outstanding results, everyday.

CMJ Results

Our attorneys have handled groundbreaking cases of all types. Our results speak for themselves.

To learn more about enlisting CMJ to provide valuable results for you, contact us.

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