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Products Liability and Complex Tort Defense

Rapid Mobilization and Aggressive Defense of Toxic Tort, Environmental, Products Liability, Food Liability, and Professional Liability Cases

At Cooley Manion Jones, our attorneys have the ability and resources to mobilize rapidly to defend businesses faced with complex toxic tort, products liability, or other tort lawsuits. We take pride in our ability to efficiently and aggressively overcome the challenges faced by our clients throughout our offices in Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Wilmington, DE, San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA. We proudly serve as local, regional, national coordinating and trial counsel for businesses in New England, Delaware, California, and throughout the country.

Time and again, we use our talent, vision and teamwork to reach a positive outcome not only in trial, but in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. We have the record of results to prove it.

The Infrastructure to Handle the Biggest Cases

The resources from which we draw to succeed in complex tort defense include a national network of local contacts and experts from all relevant industries, national coordination experience, national trial team experience and more. Our ability to marshal the necessary resources for any type of challenge has proven critical for many corporations faced with massive exposure.

Not only can we marshal these resources, but we can do so rapidly. Our lawyers understand that time wasted equates to progress lost. We make progress, and we make it quickly and efficiently.

To ensure that forward movement is made always and as soon as possible, we take pride in being available and accessible for the businesses we represent. When action must be taken, we understand it is critical that you can reach our attorneys immediately.

Representation in All Types of Complex Tort Defense

Our attorneys regularly represent companies facing toxic tort, pharmaceutical, products, medical device, environmental, food liability, and professional liability claims.

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